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“Coronavirus is a satanic agenda to prevent people from going to church” – Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare

Tom Nuel

Jun. 24, 2020

"Coronavirus is a satanic agenda to prevent people from going to church" - Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare
The General Overseer of the Perez Chapel, Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare, believes the Coronavirus-induced restrictions and its accompanying regulations is a satanic agenda to prevent Christians from practising their faith to the fullest.
According to a video shared on Youtube, the Bishop said it is baffling that political primaries are been held, people are queuing for Ghana card and the markets and streets are crowded but at the same time, Christians are being prevented from going to church in the name of social distancing and safety protocols.
Bishop Agyin-Asare said, why should priority be placed on political events and other social ceremonies while the gathering of believers is been impeded in the name of Coronavirus.
He admonished Christians and his audience to be vigilant and watchful so they are not swayed away from worshipping their Maker in these trying times.
“I was speaking to Papa Duncan Williams just the other day, and he said this coronavirus is not just normal. It is a satanic agenda to make sure that people will not go to church again. Is it not amazing to you that people are ok to go and vote in primaries, they are not afraid they will get coronavirus, they are ok to go to the market, they are not afraid they will get the coronavirus, sit in trotro, sit in a taxi, they are ok to go everywhere, but when it comes to church, it is like at the gate of the church we are distributing coronavirus”, he said.
Video Credit: YouTube (Asaph Diary)
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