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Jayzik Azikiwe The Daughter Nnamdi Azikiwe Had With A British Woman


Jun. 26, 2020

Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe was the first Nigerian president after independence and was among our founding fathers who fought to see Nigeria become independent from the colonial masters. The name rings a bell in the ears of every Nigerian and even beyond. He was a pan Africanist and mobilised support for the independence of many African nations. Though he had wives of Nigerian origin with many children, not much is known by the public about the daughter Jayzik Azikiwe had with a British woman.
Though he was not married to her, but they had an affair that produced a daughter two years before Nigeria got her independence from the British colonial masters. Jayzik was born on the 12th of May, 1958 in London. Not much is known about her childhood but she grew up to become a song writer, songstress and a poet. Some of her poems are: the problem child, burn down the teaching, no hello, snowman in winter. Some of her songs are: everybody loves the Gambia, a haven of Africa. She performed along side various internationally renowned artists like lucky dube, Beenie man, Luciano, soul 2 soul, chaka khan, sizzla, maxi priest. She travelled to different parts of the world, performing in different events and festivals.
She was also a philanthropist, and one of her major philanthropic gestures was the sponsoring of a basic school in her locality where she provided uniforms and fees for some pupils and even paid some teachers. She was also a human right activist. She was fun to be with and always making people around her happy. There was no dull moment with her. She always had her unique pattern of dreadlocks with different colours, which she attached all kinds of metals like gold and silver to the dreadlocks to make it unique. She was a tourist, visiting many places.
Jayzik lived most of her life in the Gambia because that was where she preferred to raise her children. There's no record of her ever visiting Nigeria. She died on the 31st of January 2008 in the Gambia and was buried there. She is survived by her eldest daughter Joleene who was 30 at the time of her death, her eldest son 26, her twins male and female who were 7, her mother and her step sister.
Though she is late, she is still remembered especially by the people of Gambia and one of her songs, 'everybody loves Gambia' is used as an unofficial national anthem in the country.
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