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Meet Atwoli's "Mzungu" House Help That Got Kenyans Talking [PHOTOS]

Tinah KE

Jun. 26, 2020

Atwoli's wife mary kilobi and her white housemaid
COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli has a white housemaid after it was revealed on Thursday 25th June by his youthful wife, renowned new anchor Mary Kilobi after she posted a photo of her and her colleague Sofia Wanunu basking on the sun in their palatial Kajiado home.
In the innocent photo, one thing stood out, Kilobi and Wanunu were being served by a white house help.
The same house help was pictured welcoming guests when Atwoli recently hosted top Luyha politicians at his home.
The outspoken COTU boss enjoys millions of shillings in salary and allowances and that’s why he can afford a high end life. In October 2019, the outspoken leader astonished Kenyans when he tossed away an expensive iphone, a situation that left many Kenyans talking.
Kenyans reacting to the photos posted by Mary Kilobi could not get over the fact that the maid was a “mzungu”, most of them congratulating him for reversing the slavery wheels, while others blamed him for eating life with a big spoon while the workers he represented suffered. Here are some of their comments:
"SG Atwoli is on cloud 9. Gotta a mzungu house help. His prophecies on John Waluke & Grand Mullah coming to pass. Waluke & Echesa are Ruto's friends. Bro Atwoli is getting bonga points. Next time he appears on JKL, I'll tune in. We won't breathe. He's have a field day", Abuga Makori said.
When i grow up i want to be Mary Kilobi walahi...girl has a white help", Janet Baraka wished.
Looks like Omwami Atwoli hired an Odiero as househelp", Muhammad Onyango wrote.
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