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MUST READ: Daddy Freeze Is Worse Than Nigerian Pastors For Dining With Hushpuppi


Jun. 26, 2020

Source: Omniblog
Last year, popular radio presenter Daddy Freeze travelled to Dubai with his fiancee. He was heartily welcomed by Dubai-based Nigerian socialite and fraudster, Ray Hushpuppi. Daddy Freeze and his fiancee were given a royal treatment by Hushpuppi. In what he called an "exclusive", Daddy Freeze toured Hushpuppi's penthouse recording it on his phone.
Hushpuppi also invited him to drive his expensive cars. Of course amidst the fun, they chatted. They talked about everything from family to religion. To the surprise of Nigerians though, Daddy Freeze failed to ask Hushpuppi about the source of his wealth. 
Source: Punch
Given that he has been very vociferous against Nigerian Pentecostal pastors for defrauding people in the name of religion, it was unthinkable for Nigerians that Daddy Freeze would frolic with Hushpuppi, someone's whose source of wealth is questionable. 
Yesterday, we reported that the Dubai Police released a video detailing how Hushpuppi, Mr. Woodberry, and other international scammers were tracked for over four months and then arrested. Hushpuppi and his gang were said to have defrauded over 1.9 million people through corporate email hacking and website cloning.
Source: Gh Gossip
Hushpuppi stole over 1.6 billion Dirhams. To the honest Nigerians, Hushpuppi is a total disgrace. He has again added weight to the stereotype that Nigerians are expert scammers. For years, our image in the international community has been dented by the Yahoo Yahoo phenomenon. 
The perception of foreigners concerning Nigerians is that of criminals and fraudsters. If we are going to be honest with ourselves, this stereotype is justified. Of course, it's wrong to discriminate against a nationality based on the few things some bad people have done, but the truth is we live in a world of stereotypes hence, such preconceived notions are bound to exist.
Source: Wotazo
Nigerians since yesterday have begun to call Daddy Freeze a fraud too. This is deservedly right. He is a fraud to the beliefs he preaches. He started the Free the Sheeple Movement as a way to free people from religious impoverishment, but frolicking with someone like Hushpuppi makes him a hypocrite and a fraud too. He is no better than the fraudulent pastors he condemns. 
We need as a people to condemn fraud unequivocally. People with questionable wealth should never be given the spotlight. They should never be entertained. We condemn fraudsters and all their enablers be they musicians or radio presenters. 
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