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Glasgow stabbings: Suspect family 'shocked and saddened'


Jun. 28, 2020

The family of a man shot dead by police following multiple stabbings in Glasgow say they are shocked and saddened by what happened.
Suspect Badreddin Abadlla Adam, who was 28 and from Sudan, was named by police following the incident on Friday .
Almadi, who is a member of Glasgow's Sudanese community, spoke to the BBC on condition of anonymity.
He said Mr Adam's mental state had deteriorated recently and his family were sorry about the people stabbed.
Mr Adam was shot and killed by specialist officers after six people, including a police officer, were stabbed at the Park Inn Hotel in Glasgow's West George Street.
Glasgow stabbings: What we know Concerns over asylum hotel plan ahead of stabbings
The 28-year-old was staying in the 91-room hotel, along with about 100 other asylum seekers, after being moved there during the coronavirus pandemic.
Almadi said Mr Adam had spent a month isolated in his room due to symptoms of Covid 19.
He told the BBC: "Actually he was suffering from a lot of mental health problems.
"He was mentally ill and actually his mental health deteriorated very badly when he stayed in the Park Inn."
Image caption PC David Whyte is being treated in hospital for serious injuries
Almadi said Mr Adam's family were shocked at Friday's events in Glasgow.
He added: They are very shocked and very sad and are hoping the people who were stabbed, they feel very sorry about these people who are stabbed and for their families as well."
PC David Whyte, who is 42, was stabbed and critically injured as he responded to the incident.
In a statement from his hospital bed, he said the scene of the stabbing was " something I will never forget ".
Image copyright PA Media
Police said the other five casualties, including three asylum seekers and two members of hotel staff, also remained in hospital - one of them in a critical condition.
The injured males are aged 17, 18, 20, 38 and 53.
PC Whyte's wife Carol took to social media to pay tribute to her husband, posting an image of a thin blue line, with the words: "Because he's mine, I hold the line".
The Thin Blue Line is an emblem used to support those in the police service.
Home Secretary Priti Patel also paid tribute to the police and emergency workers who attended the incident.
However, it has raised questions about the treatment of asylum seekers, with charities and MPs questioning the decision to place people in hotels during the pandemic .
The Scottish Communities Secretary, Aileen Campbell, has said she is seeking talks with the Home Office this week on the issue.
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