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BEAUTIFUL: 20 Qualities of A Good Wife

Phil Opt

July. 01, 2020

Every woman desires to be the best wife in the world while every man wishes to marry the best wife in the whole world. But what makes a woman the best wife?
Here are 20 qualities of a good wife;
1.   They never forget that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
2.   A good wife picks her battles and doesn’t fight over everything
3.   A good wife avoids nagging because she understands the problem it can cause
4.   A good wife keeps her home organized
5.   She knows what pleases her husband and does them
6.   A good keep bedroom issues and secrets to herself and never shares them
7.   She gives her husband the space he needs when things have to be done
8.   A good wife learns to spend quality time with her partner even though she has a busy schedule
9.   She is honest about her feelings and her husband is able to trust her
10. A good wife always seeks out the best way to express her love for her husband by doing the little things that he appreciates
11. A good wife doesn’t just expect her husband to listen to her and do as she pleases
12. She listens to his advise and tries to use his or combine both
13. A good wife is always honest to herself and her husband
14. A good wife appreciates the efforts of her husband and his dedication to the family
15. A good wife is always pursuing to be the best of herself for the sake of her family
16. She learns to admit her mistakes and correct them when it is brought out
17. A good wife knows how to create romantic times with her partner
18. A good wife is working away up in order to make her husband look the best outside
19. A good wife is loved by her husband and kids
20. She is praised by her husband and everyone agrees
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