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REVEALED! Women Will Be Having More S£x With Robots Than Men By 2025


July. 01, 2020

Women will be ditching men for robots when they want to get frisky in ten years' time... and could ever start falling in love with the machines, according to a report.
Dr Ian Pearson is a futurologist who predicts what is going to happen in the coming years.
He's suggested that woman will soon be getting busy with robots rather than men, but before you rubbish his claims have a listen to the science.
According to Ian, we're not even that far away from this vision at the moment.
Vibrators used to be taboo but now women's magazines are full of chat about them, with Ian suggesting it won't be long before robot s£x is more popular with ladies than watching porn.
In fact, he reckons by 2050 it will have eclipsed human love-making all together.
"A lot of people will still have reservations about s£x with robots at first but gradually as they get used to them, as the AI (artificial intelligence) and mechanical behaviour and their feel improves, and they start to become friends with strong emotional bonds, that squeamishness will gradually evaporate," he said in the report, commissioned by Bondara.
Even more mind-boggling is the idea of Robophilia - the name given to humans who fall in love with robots.
Anyone who is brushing this off as ridiculous only needs to have a look at David Mills's story. The divorcee dad recently opened up about his life with Taffy - the s£x doll he lives with.
He claims to have been in a relationship with her for two years, adding: "I’ve met some women who were into me because of the doll. I’ve had s£xual experiences that I never would’ve had without Taffy."
Just yesterday we brought you this incredible behind-the-scenes footage showing just how s£x dolls are made.
The video depicts life in a factory which creates the incredibly lifelike dolls,
One-shot shows an assembly line of half-completed dolls dangling from the ceiling, as employees test their rubbery limbs for movement and sculpt their features to get them looking as lifelike as possible.
From the factory footage, which shows an assembly line littered with rubbery torsos, it’s hard to see how anyone could find these latex ladies s£xy at all.
Dr Ian Person's predictions
From 2025 some kind of robot s£x will spring up in rich households
- By 2030 people will have virtual s£x as regularly as porn is watched now
- By 2035 s£x toys will link up to virtual reality s£x
- By 2050 robot s£x will be more common than normal s£x
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