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A MUST READ| How Would I Get Pregnant When My Husband Doesn't Touch Me?


July. 02, 2020

This is a very sad story who is going through hell in her marriage. She wants advice to help her decide if she should leave or stay. Please read the story below and drop your suggestions in the comment section. 
Mummy please post for me and let your people help me with advice. I don't know what to do again. My marriage is 15 years and no child. I love my husband so much and I will never do anything to hurt him. I had a bad case of fibroids and went under the knife and still have not even had a miscarriage. 
Every day, he accuses me of rendering him childless and I will keep begging and pleading. He calls me names of different kinds and sometimes he apologizes. Any time his mother comes to visit, hell will be my second name. My husband used to beat me earlier in marriage but he has stopped. 
I got married at 26years. In 2016 my mother inlaw called us to come home in December time because she said that she would want to see us. I didn't know that she and my husband had been planning on bringing another woman. I didn't even know that she had gone to see the lady's parents and they had all agreed. 
So us coming home was for them to notify me of their plans. I didn't know what to say because they took me unprepared. My husband told me that he won't ever leave me and he is just marrying the lady to have children. My mother just advised me to keep calm and keep praying to God. 
He married her and first left her in the village with his mum and she spent 6 months at home in Onitsha. I am a teacher, so I came home one day and met her in the house. My husband is a businessman. My husband never discussed her coming with me, but he told me that his mother sent her to the city without even telling him. 
I agreed. We live in 3 rooms and she went into the spare room. He started sleeping with her a week after she came. She gave birth to her first son in 2018 and her daughter this year January. I feel I have no place in this house anymore. Should I go? My husband too had changed so badly. 
He promised to start up a business for me and anytime I bring up the business matter, he changes the topic and I overheard him asking an agent to get a shop closer to home for him when she was pregnant with her second child. After a week he paid for the shop and the lady started going to the place with the women that helped her clean and in a space of 2 weeks Goods filled the shop.
Since this year, all I did was beg my husband to sleep with me. The way he touches me as if I irritate him makes me weep. I have not lost faith in God yet. I pray every day and just live every day as it comes. My mother helped me survive this lockdown because I got broke and my husband kept saying he has no money to give me. 
My mother sent me the money I used until I got some home lesson job. I am 41 years old now and I feel very lonely in this marriage. What should I do? I can remember when my husband's business went down, I saved and saved me and my mother and helped him with close to 480,000 to help him boost up. I have never cheated on him. I have gone to different prayer houses, drank some herbs and still have no sign of pregnancy.
My husband is even older than I am, he is 55 years old. He married very late because of financial issues. Please advise me. Hide my identity. He just did the lady's traditional marriage stuff and she is even pushing him for court marriage. The lady on her path is not my problem but my husband. She does nothing wrong in his eyes at all. I don't want to write too much here. Should I leave because he doesn't touch me at all? Though I still occupy the main bedroom, I sleep alone. Advise me! 
SOURCE: Copied from Cynthia Raphaels Wall
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