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Akuapem Poloo's “Artistic Impression” Gone Wrong


July. 02, 2020

After receiving backlash from Ghanaians for posting a nude photo of herself with her son, social media star Akuapem Poloo has rendered what she termed an apology. Interesting enough, in the supposed apology, she also tried to defend her action by terming it as an artistic impression…
Watch Video Below:
What was wrong with this supposed artistic impression was not the fact that she was naked in the presence of her young son, but the fact that she took a picture of it with the son almost naked as well and shared it on social media. In as much as Akuapem Poloo chose to share her nudes, it is no doubt that the son never had that choice; and yes, it might go to haunt him as he grows.
Well, at the moment, it seems the CID has sent her an invitation, and the Ministry of Gender and Social Protection is also not letting the issue rest; so we wait to see how she sells the story of her artistic impression.
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