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HELP ME! My Husband's Libido Is Too High And I Hate S3x!


July. 03, 2020

Hmm, this is a sad story that shows what some women go through because of s3x in their marriage. This is a horrible cry from someone who was a virgin until she got married. It so happens that the lady in question hasn't come to enjoy s3x and it is causing her to cry for help. Read the story below and give her tips on what to do about it in the comment section.
Good day Ma, please post for me and hide my identity. I don't know what to do again, I got married last March. My husband is rich, God-fearing and handsome. I mean he has everything needed in a man by a woman. People were even surprised why he got married to me, a local girl like me. 
But he truly loves me and he gives me whatever I want, but the problem I am having with him now is his high libido. He got married to me as a virgin. He is the one that deflowered me and God knows I don't like s3x, but this man won't listen, he always makes sure he has s3x with me every morning before he left to work and sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night after our midnight prayers.
The first time he had s3x with me, all the blanket was stained with blood and I couldn't walk. I was crying so he bought so many things just to calm me down. Sometimes I run to his mother or sister to sleep with them because they do come to our house sometimes. 
My mother told me to always let my husband sleep with me whenever he wants it. Help me, I don't like s3x at all, in fact, hate it. I have a phobia of s3x but he won't listen. He travelled and he is coming back tomorrow. I want to run away, I am crying now. Tell me what to do, sometimes he tears my underwear to have his way. Should I run away? I don't like s3x at all please someone should help me. 
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