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Radio host Fareed Khimani discloses ex-wife left with their kids over his addiction

Stephen Opoku

July. 03, 2020

- According to Khimani, his ex-wife left him an email saying goodbye on March 18, 2018, while in rehab in South Africa
- The Capital FM revealed that he felt broken since it was the 18th day of his scheduled 28 days stay at the rehab
- The 45-year-old radio presenter said it was the best decision the mother of his children ever made for he had made their 10 years together a living hell
Capital FM radio host Fareed Khimani has for the first time opened up on his life and his family.
Khimani disclosed that his struggle with substance abuse made his wife dump him and left with their two children.
Khimani who was speaking during an interview with Engage Talk said his wife left while he was in a rehab in South Africa and moved to Switzerland.
His wife walked out of him on March 18, 2018, a day that was the 18th day of his scheduled 28 days stay at the rehab.
"On March 18, 2018, my wife took our kids and left. It was a day where they called it a recovery day. They said it is called letting go and letting God. It is a moment of recovery where everything kind of starts making sense. Where you kind of see clarity and the reason you are doing this is for a greater purpose for yourself and people around you," he narrated.
According to the talented presenter, he was determined to finish his days in rehab as his wife had promised him that she and the kids would be waiting for him.
Khimani recalls walking it his counsellor's office and was hit with an email that his wife had left for him saying goodbye.
"I walked into my counsellor's office and my private counselling session at the rehab center and she was holding a slip paper. It was actually an email from my wife. My wife had picked the kids and moved to Switzerland on that very same day. That completely broke me," he added.
Just like any other person would react, the 45-year-old presenter said he was angry and wanted to leave the rehab and only decided to finish his days after hours of counselling.
According to the radio host, his ex-wife's decision to leave was the best she ever made saying he had put his family through 10 years of hell.
"I had so much resentment, so much anger, so much animosity towards my now ex-wife but it was probably the wisest decision she has ever made in hindsight leaving me because I had put themthrough 10 years of hell," disclosed Khimani.
The 45-year-old man said he got hooked and alcohol while studying abroad at the University of Florida.
Khimani brags of being clean for almost two years now.
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