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Dear Ruto, you will lose in 2022 because Raila needs only 26% of Kikuyu votes, but you need 100% of Mt Kenya votes.


July. 06, 2020

Photo: Prof Mutahi Ngunyi (left) and DP Ruto (right). Prof Ngunyi is leading the anti-Ruto propaganda using K24 and other channels.
THE number of Kikuyu registered voters is specific. It can be reduced but can’t be added. In other words the number that will be in the register by August 2022.
Mathematically and strategically Raila Odinga will only needs less than 30% of that number to go to State House. It’s that real.
The rest 70% can attend a million TangaTanga rallies.
They can sing Hustler Nation from morning to evening.
They can demonize Uhuru Kenyatta from Kiambu to Nyandarua – he doesn’t need them. They can open 1000 pseudo accounts of Facebook and Twitter to insult Kieleweke and send ❤️ when Ruto opens his mouth.
They can roll themselves from Murang’a to Sugoi.
They can compose 100 songs in praise of Karen and abuse ‘Jaiden’.
They remain 70%. The number can’t be stretched.
It’s like taking 100 people to a church service then to a football match. The level of noises will be different but the people will still be 100.
Their noise is like that of a mother hen who has lost a daughter (30%) to a hawk. It won’t save the situation.
NOW don’t say that Kikuyus can never vote any other outsider. If the 70% will vote for William Ruto, the 30% will vote for Raila Odinga in same breath.
And as I have said, he actually needs less than that. Actually, to Raila, the Mt Kenya vote will be the top up, not the main vote.
SO the point is simple. The 30%+ who will or who would vote for Raila in Mt Kenya like me, will do it free will. For Ruto to get 70% he will need to shower the churches with bundles and buy a good number of carwash machines and hair driers for salons and ROTO tanks and sewing machines.
And its not about helping the youth, noooo its pure campaigning. That’s why there are no ROTO tanks distributed in Turbo and Nandi Hills from Karen. Maskini wote wako tu Kiambu na Murang’a. Marategwo na matangi ta nyoni. But politics is funny. A carwash guy in Thika town needs the machine to feel Ruto yet another carwash guy in the same town doesn’t need a machine to feel Raila.
By Wahome Thuku via Facebook
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