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Gmail on iPad: You can finally split your screen to use other apps. Here's how

Abba Umar

July. 07, 2020

The iPad ( $242 at Back Market ) just became a more useful multitasking tool for Gmail users. Google's latest update to its email service finally added support for split-view multitasking, so you can keep your Gmail pane active on one side of the iPad screen while browsing through different apps on the other side.
Split View for Gmail is available now to everyone, from G Suite customers to personal Google Accounts, according to a Monday G Suite update post .
Here's how to use Split View for Gmail on your iPad
1. Go to the Settings app, and tap Home Screen & Dock > Multitasking .
2. Select Allow Multiple Apps .
3. When you open Gmail, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Dock.
4. In the Dock, touch and hold the app you want to open alongside Gmail, and drag it to the left or right edge of your screen.
5. You're done! Now you'll be able to use Gmail alongside other iPad apps.
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