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Please Rate My Makeup? See What A Makeup Artist Did To The Face Of This Man That Got People Talking

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July. 14, 2020

There are some makeup artists who are talented with the art of beautifying the face of any person. Some makeup artists are too skilled that they can change your facial appearance within minutes only with the use of artificial cosmetics products.
A Makeup Artist uploaded makeup pictures of his client on Facebook with the caption "Please Rate My Makeup?"
These pictures have attracted much attention from Facebook users due to the nature of his makeup skills. People were mocking the makeup artist for poorly beautifying the face of his male client.
The face of the clients was not totally beautified, the makeup applied in his face we're too much. Junks of brown powder were seen on his face which makes him look ugly.
The eye shadow comprises of different colors that look like a rainbow. This client's face was all filled with cosmetics contour which does not fit his face.
See comments from people who saw the pictures on Facebook.
Most of the Facebook commentators were not amazed by the makeup artist's performance on his male client's face. Many of them were criticizing the looks of the displayed man.
My dear readers, what are your thoughts concerning these makeup pictures?
Please Rate the makeup skills of this makeup artist using your keyboards and don't forget to like and share with friends.
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