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Museveni defends health minister Aceng over flouting COVID-19 guidelines

Bernard scanty

July. 29, 2020

KAMPALA – President Yoweri Museveni has come out to support health minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng following a recent scenario where she was captured in footage that went viral, showing her amidst a group of excited people in northern Uganda.
Minister Aceng came under critical attack from sections of the public for appearing to defy the social distance measures that she herself has been encouraging. In her defense, President Museveni said that while the criticism towards the minister is justified, he believes that it was not her fault.
“The problem was that she put herself in a situation which she could not control,” President Museveni said. However, he has warned political actors not to put themselves in similar situations.
He draws from his recent experience in Kitubulu, not far from Entebbe town, where he disembarked from his vehicle to check out the risen levels of Lake Victoria water. When an excited, curious crowd seemed to begin gathering, Museveni says “I had to run away” immediately.
On Uganda’s economic outlook, the President maintained a positive tone and particularly hailed the farmers and manufacturers for stepping up during the especially difficult period.
Museveni said Uganda’s milk and maize production, for example, has increased. The maize is also being used to make animal feeds, which means the country will move away from importing these feeds and instead support local manufacturers.
The President reiterated his plan to support the youth groups to manufacture these animal feeds.
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