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BLACKMAIL SISTERS! Meet The TWINS That Claimed To Have EVIDENCE Of Femi OTEDOLA Cheating On His Wife


July. 30, 2020

In 2016, one of the richest men in Nigeria, oil magnate, Femi Otedola was in the midst of a viral s3x scandal pitched against him by two Lagos-based Canadian sisters who claimed that they have evidence of Otedola cheating on his wife.
The sisters, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo who are quite famous on some social media platforms are often seen displaying pictures of exotic lifestyle, lounging on yachts in bikinis with high-end fashion accessories and other luxuries. The duo have a combined following of 70,000 on Instagram which is their most active social media platform.
The sisters had reportedly threatened oil business tycoon Femi Otedola that they are in possession of proof of his extra-marital escapade. They told Otedola they would publish the evidence on a notorious s3x scandal website called NaijaGistLive.
However, luck ran out on the Matharoo sisters when they were arrested in Lagos for s3xually blackmailing Africa’s 16th richest man, Femi Otedola.
They were reportedly caught with laptops and iPads bearing video clips of them having s3x with rich men. It is, however, unclear whether it was the billionaire oil tycoon, Femi Otedola that reported the case to security agents for investigation which led to the arrest of the sisters.
On December 23, 2016, the sisters were arraigned before the Yaba Magistrate Court, Lagos for trial. The court ruling was adjourned till January 26, 2017.
A court document on the development stated that the Matharoo sisters stand accused of being “responsible” for the fake website NaijaGistLive and other social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter used for cyberbullying around 274 people in Africa.
Nigerians as expected, reacted wildly across social media after a new dimension of the story emerged. In a 45-second video published online, the two sisters were seen offering apologies to Femi Otedola and all other petitioners.
A woman who appears to be Jyoti Matharoo says in the video “We apologize to Femi Otedola and his family, especially his wife and children, and all the other petitioners.”
Jyoti spoke to the camera while reading off a phone, while the other woman looked on.
“We created a platform called Naijagistlive.com and.co where people can send in stories,” Jyoti says. “Most stories were sent by close friends or associates of people being written about. The intention was not to hurt anyone or to be malicious. The intention was not to extort anyone. We haven’t received any money from this website.”
She said “the money” went to someone else. “We are again very sorry and we assure all the petitioners that we will not have any affiliation whatsoever with this website or any other website that has to do with this,” Jyoti said.
“We promise not to say anything of the contrary to what we are saying now. We freely volunteer to make this video, and not under duress, because we are aware of the damages done to people.”
The story of the Matharoo sisters and Femi Otedola’s s3x scandal has received global attention, particularly, in Nigeria and Canada.
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