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BOOM! Fiery Prophet Vows To Shut BBNaija Down With Spiritual Powers - Should He Be Taken Seriously?


July. 31, 2020

The outrage surrounding popular Nigerian reality show. Big Brother Naija, has been just as much as the support people have for it. Several Nigerians have called for the show to be put to an end citing moral reasons.
Source: EveryEvery NG
In fact, the Minister for Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, was recently involved in a rumour of him making an attempt to put an end to this year's edition of the show due to the coronavirus.
Among those who form a stiff opposition to the reality show is one Prophet Chukwu who has declared a spiritual war on the show which he claims is corrupting the younger generation.
Source: TrendyBeatz
While some young people are either disinterested or indifferent about the show, it is safe to say that most of those opposed to the reality show are elderly Nigerians who somewhat hold a high standard of morality.
Source: Premium Times Nigeria
This is evident from the narrative of political activist, Shehu Sani on social media. The former senator stated that rather than watching and criticising the show, people who do not like the reality show should not watch it at all.
"Some elders approach to #BBNaija is to watch & attack, watch & condemn instead of not to watch at all," he said on Twitter.
It may now be that Prophet Ebelenna Chukwu who has now challenged the show's existence is among those who watch it only to attack and condemn afterwards. The prophet had some fiery words to say while airing his opinion. He declared:
Source: Twitter
"If Nigerian government did not shut BBNaija down, I will shut them down by force. With my spiritual capability, I can do it. I know who I am. I'm not a prophet that is boasting. With my spiritual level, I will destroy BBNaija. I will use my kneel, my mouth, my spiritual power on them.
So it's better for you people to close them now because they are consuming the mind and destroying the mind of our children. I cannot take this nonsense again from this country," he continued.
Source: BBC
While several people have called for the show to be put to an end, no one has declared outright spiritual war on the show. Do you think Prophet Chukwu will make true of his fiery declaration? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
Source: Olodo Nation
You can watch the full video of Prophet Chukwu in action below:
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