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Lady who received 100 lashes for sleeping with Sudanese in Saudi Arabia speaks

Geoffrey Ignace mwijage

July. 31, 2020

The Ghanaian lady who was given 100 strong lashes for fornicating in Saudi Arabia has finally spoken.
According to the young lady who refused to put out her name to avoid stigmatization, the Ghanaian abroad were jealous she was dating a Sudanese man and not a Ghanaian.
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She explained that she was taken to Saudi Arabia by her agent but she was left abandoned in a room for more than one month.
It was the Sudanese who took care of her and provided her with all the things she will need to survive for that month she was abandoned.
So she ended up falling in love with the guy and they started dating. But the Ghanaians there who had proposed to her including her own agent were jealous and planned to disgrace her.
But ever since the video went viral, some Ghanaians in Saudi Arabia have come to her rescue and moved her from the house.
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They are currently working on getting her back to Ghana to avoid further embarrassment in the country.
Watch the video of the lady explaining what happened below
In the videos that went viral, this young lady who almost nude was being beaten by some Ghanaian leaders in Saudi Arabia for fornicating.
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According to the report, she was caught red-handed sleeping with another man who is a Sudanese, against the constitution of the country.
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