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Preparing Kids for Virtual Schooling


Aug. 01, 2020

Schools are still deciding how they will proceed for the upcoming school year, and some have already agreed to move forward with virtual schooling.
Parents are deciding and attempting to make the best decision that will be most beneficial for their families. Parents with children that have learning differences such as Autism, ADHD, or Dyslexia will have a harder time helping kids manage their executive function skills at home while learning virtually. Parents can help prepare their children for virtual learning.
While the summer is coming to an end, it is now time to start preparing for a Fall schedule. Transitioning from summer to fall typically is hard; however, adding COVID-19 and virtual learning to the process makes it more complicated. One week before starting virtual school, start preparing your child to wake up at a designated time. Have a structured start time and end time for academic materials.
If you are a parent working at home and have flexibility with your schedule, start your workday about 1 hour after your child is situated and settled with their school day.
Working Space
Create a designated space where your child can go to complete their school work. A school center will help create the mental shift needed to go from home to school, without leaving the home environment. Everything school-related should be in this space. Call it the classroom and have your child go to that space to do the day’s assignments.
Create Daily Packets
Parents with children that have diverse learning styles will significantly benefit from having daily packets. When you receive the information for the week, break it down to smaller pieces. Create folders that are labeled Monday-Friday, and inside each folder have the work for that particular day. Going through tons of paper can become overwhelming to both parent and child. This will help minimize frustrations.
IEPs and 504s
Email the exceptional child individual at your child school to discuss how your child’s IEP or 504 plan will be executed. Be mindful that schools are still figuring out how to help their students. Start the communication process with the school administration to determine what accommodations the school can offer to your child.
Preparing Kids for Virtual Schooling
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