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SHOCKER! S£x Tourism Is A Thing In Africa: See What European Women Come To Do In Gambia


Aug. 01, 2020

The Gambia is famous for its golden sand beaches, its wildlife and ecotourism scene and its female s*x tourism.
S*x tourism in The Gambia has hit headlines on many occasions in recent years, with stories of middle-aged Western women in search of long-term love, holiday romances and one night stands.
However, there is often more to it than relationships. Stories of Gambian love cheats, visa scams and polygamy are all too common.
Female s*x tourism is when women travel to a destination where they engage in s*xual activities with members of the local community. Female s*x tourism typically differs from male s*x tourism in that women often do not seek only s*xual contact. Instead, female s*x tourists will often look for romance and intimacy with men living in the host community.
Nowadays, Gambia is more known for its s*x tourism industry than it was a decade ago. The Gambia is known for its three S ‘s: Sun, Sand, and S*x. Despite the government’s attempts to change the country’s image to one centred around sustainable tourism and nature tourism, The Gambia continues to be most well-known for its s*x tourism industry.
One of the most popular areas is the ‘Senegambia strip’, the coastal area around Kololi. Local men who work on the streets, known as ‘Bumsters’, seek women who will embark on a s*xual relationship with them.
Sometimes referred to as the s*xual economy, thousands of European women travel to The Gambia each year for the purpose of the consumption of young, male, Gambian bodies. Both tourists and their Gambian mates fashion their s*xual encounters as ‘relationships’, although many would not choose to describe it this way.
These ‘relationships’ provide Gambian men with opportunities to make a living through the money made from s*x tourism, while female tourists get the chance to satisfy their (neo-colonial) fantasies about young black bodies.
Whilst we cannot put a precise figure on how many people visit The Gambia for s*x tourism each year, we can be sure that it is a significant proportion of the overall tourist numbers. However, it is known that as many as 20% of tourists engage in the s*xual economy during their travels to The Gambia.
Very often the Gambian men who engage in tourism’s affective s*xual economies are seen combing the beach looking for engagement with a potential tourist or other. Some also serve as taxi drivers and often wait by the beach side looking for potential tourist clients in need of transportation.
Both Gambian men and women frequent many restaurants, bars, and night clubs located in the Kololi beach area, a site designed for tourism activities, looking to engage in a potential relationship with tourists.
The Gambian government claims to be working hard to change the image of s*x tourism in The Gambia. However, it is not clear what they are doing to shed this reputation.
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