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3 Ways To Stop Power Struggle In Relationship

Maame Enuwah

Aug. 03, 2020

There are times in a relationship where both parties want to look strong in the eyes of their partner because they are scared that if they appear weak, they will be taken for granted. Party A wants to make sure their significant other does not talk down on them, party B wants to impose or dictate how things should go in the relationship. These things do not always end well. Being in a relationship is not a competition. It’s about love, patience, understanding, taking care of each other, and considering the feelings of others. Consider these guidelines to help you stop power struggle in your relationship:
1. Let go of ego
 Having a controlling ego can be bad. You really do not have to prove anything to your partner or suppress them just do you feel good. Try as must as possible to drop your ego. It is okay to vulnerable sometimes. You even get to connect and empathize with your partner more.
2. Show respect
 If you respect and really appreciate your partner, you wouldn’t want to boss them around or disregard their importance in your life. When you respect your partner, you are willing to listen and consider their opinions as well. You accept that things do not always have to work your way but rather to work together as a team.
3. Don’t try to win over every argument
 Always having the final say does not make you a stronger person. You should focus on tackling the problem at hand and not think of how to be the winner. That is certainly not an achievement because, in the end, you are just putting your relationship in jeopardy.
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