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Building A Four Bedroom House In Ghana Is Much Cheaper Than You Thought; See Cost Of Land And All Materials


Aug. 03, 2020

Real estate in Ghana now is booming and this is a signal that the developers of these estates are enjoying massive revenue, but one question that has not been answered very well by this developers is that are they inflating the prices of their houses or they are giving us the right price for the house? 
Well, the question will be ignored by these developers because the prices of their houses are for sale on the market in dollars and comparing the dollar to the cedi it tells us that one will have to have huge income in order to buy such houses.
One will also argue that the price of the land where such houses are built are very expensive therefore individuals who are willing to leave in luxury houses and also in the city where you are close to Accra Mall, the airport, and most of the residential areas should consider the prices of such pieces of land. 
A four-bedroom house in east legon will go for 400,000 dollars and that is the least price you can get in the area with no swimming pool, also a five-bedroom house in Accra airport residential area with swimming pool will go for one million dollars and that is a huge amount of money for a government worker to get in his forty years of working without spending a dime of his whole forty years salary as a graduate working for a company.
But how much does it really cost to build your own four-bedroom house in Ghana? Well, let’s find out.
The cost of building a house in Ghana first depends on where you are building your house and the place where you are building your house will determine the cost of the land there. 
For instance, the cost of land in pampram estate 70/100 is 16,000 cedis, the cost of land in ayikuma 70/100 is 30,000 cedis, the cost of land at pantang junction 70/100 feet is 400,000 cedis, the cost of land in tsopoli 70/100 is 10,000 cedis, the cost of land in afienya 70/100 is 18,000, you can also get land in Accra and also in tema for 60,000 cedis and these lands are all litigation free if you buy them from the right person, if you are buying land in Ghana I will caution you to be extra careful and make sure the land is legally certified under the Ghana lands commission.
LAYING THE FOUNDATION: Assuming you have a plot of land at pampram estate at 16,000 cedis and you want to build a four-bedroom house then this estimation will help you start the foundation for a four-bedroom house.
Getting four boys to dig the foundation of a four-bedroom house is appropriate and in estimates, they can take three days in doing that job and each person will charge 50 cedis per day which means you will have to get 600 cedis ready for your foundation of a four-bedroom house.
Now after your foundation is ready the next thing to do is to buy blocks, stones, sand, iron rods and cement to commence the concrete work.
 A track charges 1000 cedis for delivery you sand so we will go for that order, the next step is buying stones and with 300 cedis you will get a heap of stones ready for the concrete work, after this we will buy 500 blocks to lay the foundation and 10 bags of cement to start the foundation concrete and with four boys you can start work paying them 340 cedis per day and within four days your foundation must be ready for the next step on the building which is raising the blocks to the window level and before you start these level you would have spent an amount of 21,000 cedis including land, blocks,iron rods, cement, sand, stones, workers payment and tools for the work.
BUILDING THE BLOCKS TO THE ROOF: Now we are going to raise our four-bedroom house to the window level with blocks before we do the inside concrete of the four-bedroom house having already spent 21,000 cedis.
 A block in Ghana costs 2 cedis and raising a four-bedroom house to the window level without feeling the inside of the house with concrete we need 1000 thousand blocks and one block cost 2 cedis which means we are paying 2000 cedis for the thousand blocks. 
Working with four boys to raise the building with blocks to the window level of a four-bedroom house will require a maximum of 6 days with a salary of 400 cedis for all the four labourers each day meaning they will take 2,400 cedis for the six days. 
Having raised our building to the window level we have spent 25,400 cedis in doing that. 
The next step on our building is to feel the inside of the rooms with concrete and a block of concrete in one room will take one bag of cement meaning a four-bedroom house will take eight bags of cement for the whole rooms in the house including living room, washrooms, kitchen, porch and corridor and working with the four labourers we will be done in four days raising our expenditure to 26,500. 
The next step on our building is fixing pillars and completing the blocks for a four-bedroom house and in doing so the estimate for four-bedroom pillars and completing the blocks from the window level will cost us 3,500 cedis which means our four-bedroom house will be ready for the ceiling at an estimated cost of 30,000 cedis. 
Getting a professional service to roof a four-bedroom house for you in Ghana will come at a price of 5,000 cedis excluding the materials, therefore you will spend an amount of 15,000 cedis to buy nails, wood, roofing sheet and a carpenter to roof your four-bedroom house for you which means our total expenditure to this level will be 45,000 cedis including the price of the land and workers salary.
The next step on our building is to get an electrician to wire the house, the wiring of a four-bedroom house will come at a cost of 8,000 cedis including the price of the wires, raising our expenditure to 53,000 and after this stage what we are going to do to the house is plastering. 
The amount of cement needed in plastering a four-bedroom house including inside the house and outside the house is 15 bags of cement and with a maximum of one week, four labourers will complete that work taking home 400 cedis each day meaning the four boys will take home 2,800 for completing that job whiles our 15 bags of cement will cost us 450 cedis, which means in total our plastering including the salary of the workers and cement will cost 3,250 cedis.
Our four-bedroom house is at the stage where we are yet to paint it but putting everything including the land and workers' salary, cost of materials for the building together we have spent 56,250 cedis.
 A painter will charge a minimum of 3,000 cedis to paint a four-bedroom house excluding the cost of the paint materials, after painting our house we will move to fix tiles in all the rooms including kitchen, living room and washrooms, after the tiles we will proceed to pop ceiling then later the doors and fixing of windows will follow, at the final stage of the building, we will proceed to connect electricity to the house before we move in and buy furniture, television, wardrobe, bed, home appliances and cooking utensil.
Building your own house in Ghana is relatively cheap as compared to houses in developing parts of the country that are being sold in dollars. 
From the estimation above it can be stated fairly that with 80,000 Ghana cedis one can build a four-bedroom house and live in luxury. 
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