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AT LAST: The Secrets Beyonce Revealed In Her Lemonade Lyrics Interpreted!

Ade, son of Ade

Aug. 04, 2020

Though Beyoncé's hit album Lemonade dropped in 2016, fans continue to unravel the secrets within the album's lyrics. After releasing her secret album Beyoncé in 2013, nobody thought she could top hits like "Drunk In Love," "Flawless," or "Partition." But Queen Bey stunned us all with her opus Lemonade. 
source: youtube
The album is full of bangers that will make you want to get up and dance, as well as songs that will have you crying in the shower. Whether lamenting the lemons she was given or celebrating the lemonade she has made, here are secrets Beyonce revealed in her album Lemonade.
source: youtube
Arguably the least secretive secret, Lemonade covers the healing process of finding out a lover has cheated. Undeniably so, this lover seems to be Jay-Z. Don't worry though, the album analyzes the entirety of heartbreak, from anger to acceptance, to forgiveness. 
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And from the status of Jay-Z and Bey's relationship now, this album seems to have been a healing process for one of America's favorite couples. Of course, there's the logical question everyone has: If Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce, who did he cheat with? Loyal members of the Beyhive continue to piece together this puzzle, originally pointing fingers at Jay-Z's other protege, Rita Ora. 
Then the ugly calling-out was directed at Rachel Roy, who infamously got cozy with Jay-Z at a Met Gala party, resulting in the elevator fight with Solange Knowles. Beyonce also discusses the nature of cheating within her family, bringing up her own father's infidelity. What other secrets could Bey be hiding in the words of Lemonade?
source: youtube
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