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'Every Woman Tells At Least One of Those Lies About S3x,' Expert Claims


Aug. 04, 2020

IF our favourite rom-coms have taught us anything, it's that girls occasionally tell the odd lie in bed, whether that's faking an orgasm or overly pandering to a bloke's ego.
But s3xpert Nadia Bokody says she's never met a woman who hasn't told at least one of these five common bedroom fibs including marvelling over their partner's manhood. Nadia argues that women are 'conditioned to put our needs aside to accommodate others' and therefore fall back on these fibs to reassure their partners.
1. Faking Orgasms
Although Nadia claims most women will have faked an orgasm at least once, she wrote: 'I'm yet to encounter a man who isn't convinced every woman he's ever bedded has enjoyed a screaming climax.'
Urging women not to put on a performance to please their partner, Nadia references a 2019 study which found that over half of Brits couldn't even locate the vagina on an anatomical diagram.
While Nadia recognises that faking it is an 'effective tactic for bringing bad s3x to an end', she added: 'This lie spreads the virus known as Men Who Think They're God's Gift To Women In The Sack But Actually Suck At S3x.'
2. Marvelling Over Pen1s Size
It's only natural to want to compliment your partner in bed, but Nadia says telling a bloke their pen1s is 'SO big' is a 'con as old as time itself'. Generally, the s3xpert says women use this tactic on men who have 'small pen1s syndrome' and therefore need 'constant validation'.
According to Nadia, these are the same blokes who assume that pen1s size correlates with being able to quickly bring a woman to orgasm which means they 'don't possess a working knowledge of the actual path to our s3xual satisfaction.'
Earlier this year, a study found that women generally prefer a bigger pen1s during one-night-stands while the average length women prefer for a long-term relationship was 6.3 inches.
3. Pretending To Be Inexperienced
What's more, Nadia claims some women will pretend to be inexperienced in bed to boost their partners' ego even if they're not insecure.
Describing this kind of s3xual partner, Nadia claims they can't cope with the fact that his partner has had s3xual partners before him.
She added: 'He's also s3xually disappointing, so would prefer it if we didn't have anything to compare him to...'
4. Sneaking Off To 'Brush Teeth'
Were you on the brink of the big O when your partner finished? Then Nadia says there's always the electric toothbrush trick.
When their blokes haven't been able to fully please them, the s3xpert says some women will sneak off to the bathroom with a vibrator instead.And you can always blame the buzzing on the 'toothbrush'...
5. Insisting You Have A Low Libido
If you're not really connecting with your partner in THAT way, it makes sense why some women will lie and say they just aren't that interested in s3x.
'What's more likely is, she's not really into bad s3x," Nadia wrote. 'And telling her husband her libido has died is a great way to never have to endure it again.'
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