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Kate Hudson's relatable 'mum moment' is everyone with a toddler


Aug. 05, 2020

If you're a mum who is finding it hard to find any alone time during the pandemic, you're going to relate to Kate Hudson's latest post.
The actress has shared a a video to Instagram, showing her trying to do some yoga in her living room while her 22-month old daughter, Rani Rose, clings on to her mum for dear life.
"Morning yoga with my little monkey," the mother-of-three captioned the adorable video, showing her in downward dog position with a bit of extra resistance (in the form of a small child) around her legs.
"Do you wanna help mummy do the next pose?" Hudson asked the adorable toddler.
'Help' may be a little generous, as little Rani responds with an enthusiastic, "yeah," before climbing on her mother's back.
It obviously wasn't the first time the two had participated in some mummy-daughter yoga, with Hudson not even batting an eyelid as her mini-me clambers on top of her and she continues her workout.
The post was met with hundreds of comments, many of them from fellow mothers, sympathising with the lack of personal space.
"Something tells me, you don't get to pee alone, either," one woman joked.
"That looks totally familiar!" another fan agreed. "Every mum completely understands this!"
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