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Lebanese Prime Minister Declares National Day Of Mourning After Explosion In Beirut


Aug. 05, 2020

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab has declared Wednesday a day of national mourning in the aftermath of Tuesday’s massive explosion in the Beirut port area, the national broadcaster TeleLiban reported.
Lebanese authorities said earlier that the explosion has left a large number of people injured, CNN senior correspondent Ben Wedeman reported. The explosion caused massive damage to the surrounding area and sent a huge cloud of red smoke over the city.
This came after a massive explosion ripped through the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday, injuring many people and blowing out windows in buildings across the city.
If you're just reading in now, here's what we know about the blast so far:
·         Where it happened: The blast appears to have been centered on the city's port area. State-run National News Agency reported that the source of the explosion was initially believed to be a major fire at a warehouse in the area.
·         Many injured: Large numbers of people were wounded in the blast, authorities said, and footage from the scene captured the injured staggering through streets in the capital. The country's health minister ordered all hospitals in the area to prepare to receive injuries. Officials have not released any specific numbers about how many people were injured.
·         Effects felt for miles: Homes as far as 10 kilometers away — or a little more than six miles — were damaged, according to witnesses. One Beirut resident who was several kilometers away from the site of the blast said her windows had been shattered by the explosion.
·         Cause is unclear: We're still not sure exactly what caused the explosion.
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