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Guests, Off-Duty Deputy Step In After Mother Says Man Tried To Kidnap Her Child In Hotel


Aug. 06, 2020

A mom and her three young kids were recently staying at a hotel in Tampa, Florida. One evening, the children were hanging out inside their room while their mom was in the bathroom.
According to police, a complete stranger — a 33-year-old man who never met this family before — managed to slip into their room before attempting to take the four-year-old sibling.
While the man tried to pull the child out of the room, the other kids started screaming for their mom.
She rushed out of the bathroom, horrified, and trying to pull her son back into her arms.
Other guests down the hall knew something was wrong when they heard the yelling.
They peeked out of their rooms to find the panicked mother wrestling to take her boy back from the stranger.
Then, an off-duty deputy happened to pass by in the hallway. He saw what was going on, too.
Thankfully, the mother and her kids are okay.
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