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Lady Cries Out Over Constant Rejection From Men


Aug. 07, 2020

A Nigerian lady identified as Oge has taken to Twitter to reveal how she always falls in love with guys that she can’t have.
In another tweet, she compared herself to Laycon, who has fallen deeply in love with Erica, but Erica feels nothing for him.
She wrote;
“I am always falling for people I can’t have. Hey God!!.. I'm laughing cos I made this tweet, I can relate to everything Laycon is feeling emotional rn.
I know I am also not the only one, neither is he. You’ve once felt it. You’ve once loved someone who you didn’t intend falling for.”
Meanwhile, you can use the method below to deal with rejection.
If you're really sad about the rejection, don't force yourself to stick around. Make an excuse for needing to leave. You can go home and handle your emotions there, or call a girlfriend to talk with. Whatever you do, avoid using him as a shoulder to cry on, because he will be in too awkward a position to comfort you.
Consider the following as well
1. Stop Texting Him
When you miss someone, you feel those butterflies in your stomach and all you feel like doing is wait for him to come online and text you. And the moment he texts you, BAM you reply in seconds. Men tend to lose interest in women who are readily available for them. You need to make him miss you over text by reducing your texts to him. Once you stop texting him, it will make him wonder what’s happening and he will want to text you more often.
Another trick is to show that you are online and not text him. This will make him wonder what’s going on in your mind and will make him miss you over text.
2. The Waiting Game
According to Dating Metrics, 15% men get in touch first on the same night and 49% men get in touch the night after. This is because of the waiting game. They don’t want to show that they are missing you already and hence wait for a day or two to get in touch. This same trick can be applied by women. Make them wait for you to respond. Make them miss you to call you back. The rule is to make him wait twice as long as he took to respond to your text or call. It will make him want you to respond to his texts and messages and he will start to miss you and will call you. That’s exactly what you want. Right? So play the waiting game to make a guy miss you. Sometimes playing hard to get pays off.
3. Always be the first one to Hang Up
The laws of attraction work wonders when you play hard to get. Be the first person to say goodbye or good night over text or call. Show him that you aren’t dying to talk to him endlessly. Hanging up first will add to your mysterious aura and he will feel that there’s still a lot more to you. It will make him chase you to know more.
4. Have a Signature
Always have a signature that will remind him of you. It could be a signature dialogue, scent or even your favourite food or superhero. Imagine yourself talking endlessly about blueberry cheesecake in front of him and he goes to a restaurant and sees blueberry cheesecake on the menu. Guess whose name will pop up in his mind.
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