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Nigerians Mocking Cameroon Over Their Version Of Big Brother Show Proves Nigerians Are Racist


Aug. 07, 2020

Source: biggy237.com
For the past few days, Nigerians on Twitter have had a field day trolling Cameroon over their version of the Big Brother reality show. The Cameroonian version is called Big Brother Cameroon, AKA Biggy237. Nigerians are poking fun at them because the Biggy237 house is not as spacious and luxurious as that of BBNaija.
Many have jokingly made fun of their house by comparing it to a self-contained apartment. There is a video clip of the show that is going viral on Twitter NG. It shows how the gas cooker in Biggy237 house exploded when one of the housemates was cooking. Again, Nigerians have jumped on that to make fun of Cameroonians.
It's become a culture for Nigerians to poke fun and attack other African nations online. Nigerians have built a reputation for being experts at online battles. When there is a Twitter war between Nigeria and another African country, best believe Nigeria is going to win.
We've had Twitter wars with Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda. Recently, we took the war to Jamaica and the United States. We are very toxic and deadly online. If Nigeria is the giant of Africa, it is in the sense of us being very abusive. We are the giant of savage comments.
In online battles, we are experts at employing wit, humour, and sarcasm at trolling people. With the energy we put into online battles, one would think that Nigeria is a united nation. One would think that Nigeria is a utopia hence, we treat other African nations as inferior to us.
However, this is contrary to reality. In Nigeria, regions are divided against each other. The Igbos and the Hausas/Fulanis still consider themselves arch enemies. Christians and Muslims barely live in tolerance and unity.
As divided as we are, we would rather jump on global issues like the Black Lives Matter to show solidarity to black Americans. Unfortunately, racism is endemic in Nigeria in the form of tribalism and religious intolerance. Nigeria is no better than America in that sense.
Making fun of Cameroonians is totally wrong. If anyone should be making fun of anybody, Nigerians should be making fun of themselves. For the first few years Big Brother Naija started, the show was hosted in South Africa. It was just about last year or so the show began to air in Nigeria. Is that not a disgrace?
By making fun at Cameroon over Biggy237, does that mean Nigeria has better infrastructure than Cameroon? The statistics are actually not in our favour. We have the highest number of out of school children in the world. We happen to be the poverty capital of the world. We have Boko Haram. We have banditry, kidnapping, and corruption. So on what basis are we making fun of Cameroon?
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