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Home Remedy For Cracked Feet


Aug. 08, 2020

​When you have crack feet infection, you will notice some discomfort on your feet because of the sharp cut in almost all the feet. Several prescription are recommended to heal it up but I will love to prescribe something differently which is as follows:
1) Pummel Stone: This stone is very hard and has a hollow hole all over it. After taking your bath, use the pummel stone to scrub all the affected areas for days, you will see the changes and everything will heal up in the latter time.
2)Banana's Peel: When you are on the bed in the night,scrub the affected feet with the banana peels for Three (3) minutes, then wear thick socks to heat the affected places and sleep, remove the socks every morning and repeat the same process at night for nine days consecutively, it will heal up completely and will never relapse again.
3) Get yourself a bucket of lukewarm water. Add some savlon antiseptic into it and soak your feet in it for ten (10) minutes, then take a new razor blade to smooth the affected areas for a week, it will go permanently.
Health is wealth as people normally say, we must take a proper care of our body always so that we can live healthy and happily.
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