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See the steps I took when cutting down my sugar intake and losing weight also


Aug. 08, 2020

I came face to face with my sugar addiction over six years ago, but didn’t know how to break the cycle.
No matter how hard I tried, I could not stop drinking Coke, eating cake and cookies. It was an addiction as strong as any other addiction people face.
I had many symptoms before I finally overcame my addiction to sugar.
Constant Sinus Infections
Digestive Issues
Sugar Cravings
Feeling Foggy
Somehow it never occurred to me that it was not normal to be bloated after every meal. I would be so hungry when I would sit down to eat. Then only a few bites in I felt so full that I couldn’t eat anymore.
My digestive system was miserable everyday. I tried so hard to clean up my diet and eat healthy. Even when I managed it for a few weeks at a time something would inevitably happen that would send me right back to the sugar and the cycle would continue again. A merry go round that I couldn’t escape. It seemed fun in the beginning, but always led to me being sick from going round and round and round. The cycle never stopped.
After many hours of study, I discovered that researchers now claim sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine.
I did come across this table and it really did help me.
So today I would want to share my secret
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