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5 Appropriate Times You Can Take A Break From Your Partner

Phil Opt

Aug. 12, 2020

The idea that you want to take the world on together as a couple is very normal among partners and it is a positive plan. One of the best things about being in a committed relationship is having someone to support you, love you and also help you when you need it.
In a relationship, there are times when one would sometimes want to have a break from their partner. Sometimes, partners see it as a bad habit, but there is a time for everything and when it is done at the right time, things work out fine.
Here are times which you can ask for a break from your partner;
1.   When you’re losing a grip of yourself
One of the big signs that you should take a break from your partner is when you feel that you’re actually losing a grip of who are really are. If you feel your attention has been shifted to one side and you’re not having the fun you deserve, then ask for a break. 
Take the time out to spend time with friends, take a walk or probably just have fun.
2.   When someone you care about needs you
Even though relationship should be your primary objective, it is important not to forget that you have friends and family as well. If someone needs you, it could be a sick relative or a friend who is struggling, ask for a break from your partner to care for them.
3.   When you’re actually getting on each other’s nerves
Sometimes your partner is really annoying you and once you take notice of it, it is a good time to actually ask for a bit of space. Spending too much time together will make things worse and you need to avoid it.
4.   When you’re doubting your relationship
Sometimes we end up doubting or question our relationship and it is completely normal. However, if it is something you have been doing very often and constantly, then you probably need to ask for a break in order to clear your thoughts.
5.   When you’re in a deadlock
When you feel you’ve hit a roadblock in the relationship and moving past it seems impossible, it could also be a sign to call for a break. 
Maybe you’ve reached a disagreement in wedding planning, or one partner has a new job which means moving to a different city and you’re split on what to do.
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