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DID YOU KNOW? You Can Use These Easy Tricks To Help His Pen!s Get Hard And Stay Hard


Aug. 12, 2020

Help him stand up proud.
Most of us know that the to learning to how to have great s£x is seeing it as a joyful, fun, and energetic release for men and women alike.
But for some men, especially as they age, the fun is zapped from the equation because they are worried about possible erectile dysfunction, impotence and making sure their pen!s can get (and stay) hard.
Don't get it twisted, a man is always thinking about his pen!s, whether currently erect or not.
But as he ages and erections don't come the way they used to, s£x can become less about intimacy and more about proving that his pen!s can still get hard without any issues or problems.
When a man has erection problems, it can be awkward for both parties.
The man is embarrassed and can feel emasculated, and the woman can worry that losing his erection means he doesn't her attractive.
These aren't typically valid fears, but when you're naked, logic usually doesn't factor into your emotional reactions.
If your man is getting older and he loses his erection on the regular, that doesn't mean your s£x life is over — or that it has to be controlled by Viagra.
There are physiological and psychological reasons your man's pen!s isn't staying hard the way it used to.
Here are three ways to help his pen!s get hard and stay hard, so you two can have great s£x together (and not worry so much!).
1. Try a new s£x position
The pen!s is a creature that is easily bored by the rut of routine.
Let's say that you and your guy have a hot groove going on when it comes to your s£x lives.
You get freaky regularly, and, because you know what turns each other on, your s£x sessions all look pretty identical. Hot, but identical.
Even the s£xiest routine can turn into a rut over time.
If he is having a hard time keeping his pen!s hard during s£x, it could be a fix as simple as changing what the two of you are doing in bed.
New s£x positions can stoke the imagination and keep his pen!s hard, by keeping his pen!s more "in the action" than it has been before.
So if you usually stick to stuff like missionary, or if you always have s£x in bed, why not spice things up and work in a new s£x position like a reverse cowgirl with you on top?
Like I said, even just moving locations, say, from the bedroom to that super soft rug in the living room can be all the erotic enticement he needs to make his pen!s stand to attention once more!
2. Live a healthy lifestyle
In order for a pen!s to get erect and stay erect, blood flow and circulation need to be healthy.
Additionally, his body needs to be generated the right amount of the hormone testosterone.
Taking care of his body and living a healthy lifestyle will help with both of these.
If he smokes, he should consider quitting because smoking hurts the circulation, which in turn keeps his pen!s from staying hard.
Increasing the amount he exercises will boost his testosterone levels, making him feel hornier, and helping him get and maintain an erection.
Even if he's not a guy who believes in living a healthy lifestyle, good s£x should be a nice incentive to get him to rethink his philosophy.
3. Focus on foreplay
Men are great (I mean, I love them!), but when it comes to s£x, many of them are much more focused on actual penetrative s£x than they are on foreplay.
This is a mistake. Not only will foreplay enhance s£x for you both but in many cases, the reasons behind a man's inability to keep his pen!s hard are mental.
He could be focusing on the last time he lost his erection or something else that's super stressful, putting a lot of pressure on himself which can lead to disappointment for you both.
Pressure shouldn't exist in the bedroom.
Let him know that s£x is about so much more than putting a pen!s into a vagina.
Play with each other like teenagers — nothing is off-limits, except actual penetration.
Kissing, fondling, groping, mutual masturbation, and other kinds of teasing foreplay are guaranteed to get him in the mood, and let him savour the good feelings being directed towards his pen!s without feeling the pressure to keep his pen!s hard every single second. Which may, in turn, help his pen!s stay hard!
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