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Stop Wasting Your Money on Body Creams. Learn How To Make Your Own Organic Body Cream At Home.


Aug. 12, 2020

We spend a lot of money on the maintenance of our body.And sometimes it's difficult to get money for the necessary things like body cream, soap, hair cream e.t.c needed for the normal maintenance of our body and skin.
Why spend a lot of money on body creams since you can make your own organic body cream at home.
In this article, I ll show you the ingredients and steps needed for the successful production of an organic cream at the comfort of your home.
Ingredients and steps needed for efficient production of organic body creams.
1.Half cup of almond oil
2. 2 tbsp of coconut oil
3.2 tbsp of bees wax(Dont use it if you are allergic to it)
4.1 tbsp of shea butter
5.1/2 teaspoon of of vitamin E oil
Add all the ingredients in a jar or sauce pan.Add little quantity of water in the simmer(about 3 to 4 inches of water).place the jar into the simmer and let all the ingredients melt together.
In the absence of a simmer you can use a pot. Add little quantity of water into the pot place your jar containing the ingredients into it regulate the heat below boiling point and allow the ingredients to melt.
After the process allow it to cool and store in a cream container.
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