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DISCOVER: Unknown Facts About The Miracle Plant Bitter Kola.

theodora yemodd

Sept. 11, 2020

The kola nut is the fruit of the kola tree indigenous to West Africa. The tree produces a star-shaped fruit. Each fruit comprises about two to five kola nuts. The nuts are bitter when chewed fresh and have a milder taste becomes when eaten in its dried form. Most of the benefits of kola nut are connected to its high caffeine content. It treats Infections, skin diseases, s3xual importance, s3xually transmitted diseases, and many more. Below is a detailed list of the benefits of bitter kola:
Improves S3xual Impotence
With the development of s3xual competence, bitter kola is very beneficial. Bitter Kola improves s3x energy especially of men who consume it. In other to be effective, it is advisable to chew the kola for at least two minutes before intercourse.
Prevents S3xually Transmitted Diseases
The seed and leaf of bitter kola ensure anti-microbial activities in the body. Findings have revealed that bitter kola has the power to medicinally eliminate Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyrogens.
Immunity System
Bitter kola contains antioxidants. This high amount of antioxidants found in bitter kola helps the body to increase its immunity level. The body with strong immunity has the power to fight against diseases.
Fights Malaria
According to scientists, chemical compounds in bitter kola have anti-malarial features. Also, the tree's bark and leaves can treat acute fever, inflammation of the lung tract, and throat infections.
Eliminates Poison In The Body
Bitter kola is an effective antibiotic that eliminates toxins in the body through detoxification.  Eating the fruit will stop all toxins that might have come through contaminated food.
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