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How Better Oral Health Leads to Better Relationships

Lengongoliani saitoti

Sept. 16, 2020

In This Article Why is oral health important What does poor oral hygiene mean? How to improve oral health A healthy mouth means a healthy relationship
Oral health is extremely important for a healthy relationship. How happily intimate you are will be determined by your oral health.
Think about how it would be if you have poor oral hygiene?
Right from close conversation to kissing, some sort of reluctance will develop because of bad breath or poor oral health. It might go up to the disruption of the relationship.
Is it worth losing your partner just because you are not good at oral care? Or is it better to take professional support for maintaining oral hygiene?
Poor oral hygiene can truly create an unexpected disaster for your life. The destruction it can create is something beyond what you expect.
Let us see how oral hygiene can impact your relationships and why do we need to stress on the importance of dental hygiene.
Why is oral health important
When your oral hygiene is not good, you are not just risking your health, but also your partner’s health in terms of intimacy .
The oral cavity is full of bacteria, and teeth and gums are prone to infection.
When your hygiene is not good, you tend to transfer that infection to your partner.
In case if you have children, your poor oral hygiene will stop you from getting too close to them.
Read along to know about the importance of oral health, and how badly it can impact your life in various ways if you do not take it seriously.
The inapt upbringing of children
As a parent, it is significant to maintain proximity with your kids. This gives a feeling of oneness.
This gives a sort of secure feel, comfort, boldness, and helps to bloom happiness within the family .
A child is a future adult, and the healthy upbringing of a kid’s life depends on how happy they are in this early phase of life.
When you fail to comfort your child at this point, you are raising an arrogant or submissive person.
Psychologically, the glow of a child depends on their parents’ moral support. You could be shattering your kid’s future just because of your poor oral hygiene.
Partner’s discomfort
The relationship with your partner could take a drastic turn because of your poor dental hygiene.
Initially, it will start with hesitation to get closer. Later, it could turn into irritation and land-up with unwanted quarrels .
And remember, in this case, you are forcing your partner to lose their tolerance.
You may not realize the actual cause of such changes. But when you start realizing that your poor oral health is the real culprit, you could get too late to revert the irreversible damages created.
Unsuccessful dating
In most instances, you might end up with unsuccessful dating because of bad breath. Imagine kissing someone with bad breath!
Dating is meant to attract your partner. Unfortunately, if you have poor oral hygiene, your partner would not be comfortable approaching you, either to kiss or at least to talk.
Despite having other virtues, you might become unattractive and annoying, just because of poor dental hygiene.
Without correcting this core problem, it would be difficult for you to find your soulmate successfully.
And you would definitely not like to miss out on finding a good partner just because of your ignorance towards oral health!
Loss of self-confidence
Unknowingly, you could be forced to lose your confidence because of halitosis . You could be afraid to talk in public and try to maintain social distancing or turn up to be an introvert.
You may try to hide your mouth whenever smiling or talking.
You will become more conscious and try to control your laughter. But never forget that laughter is the best therapy to reduce stress.
Rather than controlling being yourself, you shall make efforts to rectify poor oral hygiene. Such low self-esteem will badly hinder your personality.
Trouble during pregnancy
Firstly, your efforts to get pregnant might get delayed because of poor oral care. The unhealthy oral environment can affect the possibility of getting pregnant due to the presence of prolonged inflammation.
Secondly, it is also found that poor oral hygiene is linked to preterm birth and low-birth-weight of the baby. If you are an expecting mother, it is highly important to take care of your oral health.
Infection from the gums enters the bloodstream and affects the fetus’s growth.
From pre-term birth to low birth weight, the mother’s unhygienic oral health could be held responsible. A newborn baby is the bundle of joy for any family.
But when a baby is born with such health ailments, it will morally affect all around you.
Unhealthy family circumstances will trouble each one in your family. Such negative impacts will certainly disturb everyone’s future.
What does poor oral hygiene mean?
When you have plaque and calculus deposits on the teeth and gums, or red and inflamed gums due to infection, loose teeth, bad oral breath, and deposits on the tongue indicate you have poor oral hygiene.
Most often, the bad odor of your mouth is directly proportional to the number of microbes present. No wonder that the oral cavity is full of microbes.
But, how controlled we keep the activity of harmful bacteria is what matters.
No point how sophisticated you are, when your oral health is bad, every effort you make will go in vain. Your smile is the first sign for attracting your partner.
An unattractive smile always creates a negative impact. Your scope of getting a partner will reduce more than a half just because of your poor oral care.
Your partner will not be comfortable to tolerate the mal-odor. To be more precise, you will not be comfortable to develop conversation because of your bad breath.
You will certainly create an embarrassing situation if you try to do so. Unless you make efforts to control the bacterial activity, you can neither rectify oral health nor your personal life.
How to improve oral health
Probably you will brush your teeth daily at least one time a day. However, brushing alone will not adequately improve your oral health.
Use a proper brushing technique
The brushing technique matters a lot when brushing one time is the only cleaning method you prefer. Talk to your dentist to know your correct brushing technique that suits your teeth alignment.
Include adjuvants in your dental care routine
Apart from brushing, you can include adjuvants like mouthwash and flossing to remove bacterial growth and eliminate bad breath. Mouthwash will truly help to refresh your oral cavity.
Sugar-free chewing gums are also good refreshing agents. It helps to maintain oral PH and reduces bad breath and infection.
Despite brushing and flossing, you cannot remove the bad deposits that cause bad breath and affect the health of your teeth and gums.
Visit your dentist
You need to do scaling at least once in a year to remove the deposits and to maintain good oral health. Take professional support for adequate oral hygiene maintenance.
Fear of going to a dentist could be the main cause of oral hygiene negligence. However, dental care is necessary when it is tremendously impacting your well-being.
Visiting the dental office once with an open mind could help to take out your fear. Tell freely why you are scared and what made you avoid dental treatment all these years.
Expressing it deep from your heart will help the dentist to know the root cause of your fear, and certainly, that kind of understanding is needed to care and treat you efficiently.
Also, talk to your dentist about your condition and tell them how it is impacting your personal life. Your dentist will come up with multiple options to help you out to overcome your trouble.
Not just scaling, sometimes your teeth alignment will influence the plaque and calculus deposits . Or sometimes, your systemic condition could have triggered the bad breath. It is better to take professional support to sort the issue without delay.
A healthy mouth means a healthy relationship
This is how oral hygiene plays a vital role in your relationships. There are multiple ways you can help yourself. Whenever you hint mild changes in your oral cavity, ask your life-partner about its intensity.
Sometimes, it’s hard for you to find the changes; however, your partner could make out. Genuinely consider your partner’s opinion and don’t take it too offensive.
Whatever they say is all good for your relationship and the betterment of your health. Talk freely to understand the real issue with your partner and take the support that is offered.
Try home remedies like proper brushing, flossing, mouth wash, tongue scraping, chewing gums, and oil pulling to overcome bad breath. Sometimes, acidity in the stomach provokes oral mal-odor.
Adequate hydration could solve the problem. However, don’t stick on to the home remedies for a long time. These are all only adjuvant therapies and not an actual cure.
In the case of poor oral hygiene, it is better to take dental help. It is good to take professional care for your family’s wellness and improve your relationship’s bonding.
Only when you understand the actual cause for poor oral health can you rectify it completely.
Once after identifying and sorting out the core cause, it is a good move to maintain your oral health through adjuvant therapies. Eventually, your relationship will also start to bloom.
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