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Mom Sees 8-Year-Old Son Hanging From Car Ceiling, Saves Him From Freak Seat Belt Accident


Sept. 16, 2020

Siobhan Sherbovich, a mom from Massachusetts, was in the car with her children when a terrifying incident took place.
And it’s because of her motherly instincts that this story doesn’t end in tragedy.
During their car ride, Siobhan’s 8-year-old son Brayden had somehow gotten himself tangled in his seat belt.
When she turned around, his face was turning blue and he was choking to the point of unconsciousness.
“Before I could even process anything, he was basically hanging from the ceiling,” Siobhan told CBS.
Despite her tireless efforts, she was unable to release the belt’s lock.
She knew that every single second counted — so instead of letting her fear take over, she took control.
Going on instinct, Siobhan bolted into a nearby hair salon to grab a pair of scissors. One of the stylists called 911 while Siobhan ran back to her car.
Now, first responders in Bedford, Massachusetts are calling Siobhan a hometown hero because of what she did next.
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