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Government 'making it up as they go along' with travel, Ryanair CEO slams


Sept. 18, 2020

THE Government is "making it up as they go along" with travel restrictions, according to the Ryanair CEO.
CEO Eddie Wilson slammed the Government for not immediately adapting the new EU traffic light travel system.
However, the system, which would see European countries categorised into green, orange and red, has yet to be finalised.
The Taoiseach explained on Tuesday that Ireland will be joining the EU’s proposed traffic light system on overseas flights when it is put in place. It is hoped that it will be finalised by October 13.
In the system, each colour carries different quarantine and test measures depending on the level of the virus in each country.
Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast today, Eddie Wilson voiced anger at Ireland's delay in adapting the system calling their plans "shambolic".
He said: "The EU have already set down the guidelines, all we want is the Government to do something, we just need to do it.
"If they don't do it, people won't book, they won't have the confidence to travel, we can't fly around with empty airplanes."
He added: "They need to adapt that traffic light system today".
Wilson criticised this move as he claimed Greece and Italy would be deemed safe to travel to again in two weeks time.
He said: "What's happening now from yesterday's announcement, they're going to take Italy and Greece off the list and in two weeks time when they finally get around to adopting the EU regulations, they're going to put them back on again."
He continued: "They're going to wreck the travel plans of people this weekend, and then what's going to happen is they're going to put those counties back on [the green list] in two weeks time. Why can't they just do it now?"
He claimed the Government were "making it up as they go along".
He said: "This is after a summer when they told everyone to go on holidays in Ireland, the Covid rates have gone through the roof and now they're excluding countries."
Wilson warned of a "real threat" to employment in the travel industry in Ireland, particularly for Cork Airport.
He said: "People's jobs depend on this and not just the people who work in Ryanair, people who work at the airport and people who commute.
"Over 50 per cent of our traffic goes to the UK out of Cork and at the moment nobody can travel backwards and forwards there without these travel restrictions."
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