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HOT!!! S3X Styles You Should Definitely Give A Go If He Has A Big Pen*s


Sept. 18, 2020

Bigger isn't always better, but with a little bit of help it can be pretty great.
I may be writing a list of the best s*x positions for coping with a big pen*s, but let's be clear: Every s*x position is the best s*x position for having s*x with a big pen*s if you take the proper steps first. 
Just because a guy has a big pen*s that doesn't mean he has no ability to communicate with words (I mean, sometimes it does, but let's be kind here). The s*x position you pick doesn't mean diddly if you can't communicate with your partner.
His big pen*s will be a big let down if you can't tell him what works, what doesn't work, and what is not possible because of physics. 
The best s*x positions on the planet are vastly improved by the use of lube. So much lube. All of the lube. Yes, friction is your friend, sure. But in this case, the problem is too much friction. Lube can ease that big ol' pen*s inside like the finest of southern hostesses. Get some now. 
Finally, when it comes to a big pen*s, go slow. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and let horniness overtake you, but if you want minimal pain and maximum pleasure take your ever-lovingly time. His pen*s isn't going anywhere. I mean, unless a witch put a walkabout hex on it, which seems unlikely. 
With that public service announcement out of the way, here are some of the best s*x positions for enjoying a big pen*s. 
1. Reverse cowgirl 
As a rule, being on top is the best bet for conquering a big pen*s. In this position, mount him in reverse and use your palms to support yourself and control just how far in he can go. The view is killer for him, and it makes for a great training session vis a vis what works when he's on top, and what just won't fly. 
2. Standing Doggystyle 
Have him enter you from behind while standing. Because you aren't the same height, you don't need to worry about the thrust factor when he penetrates. You've also got easy access to your clitoris for stimulation. For this position, as with so many others, lube is your friend. 
3. The "I do"
Get him on one knee like he's proposing (hence the name). Face him on both knees and guide him inside of you. This is a tricky, tricky position, but the angle and the precarious nature of the pose make it great for experimenting with a big pen*s. You control just how much of that shaft winds up inside of you. Plus, the eye contact can be hot. 
4. Side by side 
This is a classic sleepy Sunday pose that isn't popular with dudes because they've got no torque to propel themselves into you — making it perfect for s*xing up a big pen*s. 
5. Standing Tripod 
While standing and facing each other, wrap one of your legs around his waist, he can help out here and hold on if he'd like. Then go to town. When you're standing deep penetration is pretty difficult, making this a hot position to get you both started. 
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