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What Women Really Think About The Size Of Your Pen*s And Why Does It Matter


Sept. 18, 2020

I've written about pen*ses many times. From big pen*ses to little pen*ses to unwelcome pen*ses, it's no secret: this chick likes to talk about pen*ses. 
And it seems I'm not alone. Why? Because we're all obsessed with pen*ses, both men and women. (Well, maybe not the lesbians.) 
"Size does matter, but not in the way that people think it does when I say that! Nobody wants a 3 or 4-inch c*ck inside them. You just can't feel it.
Of course, the question that's been asked more times than "You want fries with that?" is the ever-burning "Do women care about pen*s size?"
The funny thing is, it's been answered a million times by those who swear they know the answer. I've heard girls proclaim quite matter-of-factly, "Don't let anyone tell you different! Big pen*ses rule!" And then I've heard others staunchly affirm, "It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean."
Size matters, but not as much as men think, studies say. ... Is a large penis more attractive than a mid-size model? ... This is encouraging for men, who can do some trimming and try not to worry so much about length
So which is it? Does size matter? Do women care about pen*s size?
Rest your weary heads, gentlemen. I'm here to reveal the truth: Sometimes.
Sometimes it matters, and sometimes it doesn't. It really depends on the woman. Pen*s size is important to some women, and not to others. Even among those to whom it matters, it doesn't always matter in the way you think. In other words, bigger isn't always better.
Not all women want a colossal pen*s. I, for one, prefer a size medium. It sort of smarts when it feels like your vagina is being rammed by a space shuttle, and a painful vagina kind of ruins the s*x (unless you're into that kind of thing). 
Listen, I'm not going to lie. Some gals love super-sized pen*ses, but not all of us.
Every woman is different. Some like them large, others dig them average, and yes, some ladies even fancy the small ones. 
As I've said many times, not everybody wants the same thing. So whatever you've got going on down there, there's a vagina out there for you.
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