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What Nigerians must do to live peacefully in South Africa – Laura Barbie IV, Filmmaker


Sept. 24, 2020

Rita Okoye
Laura Barbie IV, Nigeria’s multifaceted filmmaker currently making wave in South Africa has enlisted what she believes Nigerians should do to live peacefully in other African countries due to xenophobic attacks.
According to the model and seasoned entertainer, each and every country has rules and those rules are expected to be obeyed.
“I think most Nigerians need to learn and respect other people’s countries and cultures. You can never go to any foreign country and start doing crime, they will arrest you, Nigeria included. So, Nigerians who are living in other African countries must respect other countries cultures and laws. No one is above the law. If you commit crime, you get arrested,” she told Sun News. As a reputable filmmaker, Laura Barbie IV whose real name is Nwaejike Chiamaka Gina also spoke volumes on the values women bring to filmmaking and television productions.
Hear her: “Women bring a lot of values to film producing. I believe nobody tells a better story like a mother, (Smiles). The industry is dominated by male producers. However, over the years a lot of women got involved in filmmaking as a whole not only producing. Women has brought a lot of values as we came to understand the business side of the industry. Most women have taking their time to learn and understand that filmmaking is a business and that we have to move with technology.”
In addition to being a movie maker, Laura Barbie IV is also a mother whose role in the family has in different ways influenced her disposition towards life.
“I always recall as a child when I fell during a track meet and still came in third place. My mom said, ‘Even with a bloody knee and pain you never gave up and I will always be proud of you for that.’ Her words always gave me the drive to never give up and work hard in everything I do so as a mother. I have learnt to endure because without doubt, mothers love the strongest, protect the hardest, and fight the fiercest. They can endure anything and everything for their children. That kinda shaped me to who I am today,” she asserted.
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