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5 Things You Should Do After Having S3x

Phil Opt

Sept. 25, 2020

What do you mostly do after having s3x with your partner? Do you cuddle for a bit? Do you turn around and fall asleep immediately or do you perhaps go to the bathroom?
We focus a lot on what we do during s3x, but not on the things to do after s3x. But what we do after s3x is extremely important and it’s not just talking about cuddling.
So how should you go about spending your first few minutes post-sex? Well, we have the answers. Here are 5 things you should do after having a good time;
1.   Urinate once you’re done
Urinating post s3x can prevent women from developing urinary tract infections (UTI). When women urinate after s3x, they release any bacteria that may have entered their vagina.
2.   Cleanse yourself gently
It also helps if you clean up after yourself gently. While wiping your vagina avoid using fragrant soaps and strong vaginal washes. Instead, use warm water and mild fragrance-free soap to gently cleanse your vulva. 
When you use soaps with fragrance, you risk irritating your sensitive privates. Also, you must avoid vaginal douching.
3.   Check for signs of bleeding or pain
You know your body best, but that doesn't mean you can take it for granted. Look for post coitus trauma to your vagina and keep a tab on any pain or bleeding.
4.   Drink some cranberry juice
Drinking cranberry juice after s3x can reduce the chances of UTI. Studies have proved that cranberry juice helps to fight against bacteria. It does not get broken down by your digestive system, so it is able to reach your urinary tract and prevent any bacteria from remaining on the wall of your bladder.
5.   Have a look at the condom
You are wise to use to a condom, but are you wise enough to also check it afterwards? Because doing both is important for your reproductive health. 
When you are in the moment, it can be difficult to check if the condom broke. However, once you are through, you must have a look at it.
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