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7 Flirty Questions That Will Force Him To Propose Immediately

Phil Opt

Sept. 25, 2020

You’re actually into him but want to take things to the next level just to see if he’s feeling the same way. Whether you’re at a friend’s party or on a date, bridging the conversation with some flirty questions can get you exactly what you want. 
Feel free to use one of these questions to stir things up a bit;
1.   “How would you imagine our first date?”
This question is best if you’re not one a date yet, but you two share some good vibes. With this question, you’re likely to make those imaginary date plans a reality.
2.   “What does it take to get a second date with you?”
This is another good question if you two have already been on a date. It fulfils the same purpose as the first point as you let the guy know you’re actually into him and ready to speed things up.
3.   “What did you notice first about me?”
According to experts, this question is one of the flirtiest questions you can ask a guy. It's going to set you up for some good compliment and also a good way to find out what they consider important.
4.   “Other than what I know, where do you like to be touched the most?”
This question is extra flirty because it’s going to bring a lot of chemistry and also a great opportunity to get a bit more info. To even proof what he says you can go ahead to touch those spots unless he says no.
5.   “What’s your stance on a woman making the first move?”
This question is great for two reasons, first, it’s a subtle way of communicating that you’re willing to make the first move and secondly, it will leave the guy wondering about what exactly that first move may be.
6.   “How are you still single?”
This is the perfect question to not only compliment a guy but also send him a hint. Just by asking him this question, you’re sending a signal that you’re into him.
7.   “How would someone usually let you know she likes you?”
This is one of the bold but also smooth questions because after they tell you, you can just go ahead and do that. It’s your chance to get a hold of him.
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