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Aleks Admires Gabriella’s Wings and Faces a Moral Dilemma

Michael jr

Sept. 25, 2020

Fiction Friday
Gaby takes off her satin pajama pants and tosses them in the blue laundry basket. She unbuttons her top and reaches her left hand back towards her right shoulder blade.
There are still feathers sprouting. She lets her hand lay softly on the fuzzy down. As weird as it is to have feathers growing from her body she is stunned by their soft beauty.
Aleks is still sleeping in bed, or so she thinks. She turns her back to the mirror above their dresser. The feathers are a beautiful array of purples, blues, and greens. She lifts her arms high above her head and the feathers move naturally with her motion.
She thought the feathers would hurt, that there’d be blood or bruising where the feathers grew. But, they are part of her now, as natural as her nose or curly brown hair.
Aleks is lying on his side, in bed, watching as Gaby explores her new condition. He takes in the beauty of his wife. She doesn’t seem bothered by the feathers.
They can’t seek medical attention for this . . .
What would they say, “I need to make an appointment. My wife is growing wings. My youngest child has begun flying . . .?” No, they’d be laughed at and referred to psychiatry or therapy. This is a dilemma they’ll have to cope with on their own.
And, now Gaby’s mom is wondering what Tomas was going on and on about when he told her he could fly. They don’t want their kids lying, but how can they not lie about this?
Aleks looks at his wife’s beautiful curves, at the soft feathers framing her shoulders. As she stretches, she seems to become bigger than life. Her eyes glow a turquoise light. He gazes at her beauty and says, “Good Morning.”
Startled, Gaby replies, “Good Morning, Aleks. I . . . Aren’t these beautiful?”
“Yes, my love. Come here.” Gaby sits beside Aleks and he strokes her feathers ever so gently.
“What has happened to us, my love? What will we tell the kids? I think I should be scared but this feels as natural as the moon in the night’s sky. I’m more worried about what other people will say.”
“Or about Tomas flying too far away,” Aleks interjects as he continues stroking the downy feathers on his wife’s shoulder blades. She is so strong.
Gaby gets up and stares into the closet. She chooses a flowy cotton dress to toss on for the day. Thankfully, she has nowhere to go today except for her art studio, which is outside their backdoor.
Tomas stretches his arms towards the ceiling and Gaby sees a white feather drift down behind him and land on the bed. Mesmerized, she watches as it swirls back up and around his face, tickling his scruffy five-o-clock shadow. He doesn’t seem to notice it is happening.
Aleks’ chocolate eyes seem to deepen. Their eyes lock and time, for a moment, is frozen.
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