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Finding It Difficult To Cope With Change At Work?


Sept. 25, 2020

While changes at work are inevitable and can bring about new opportunities, they can still be quite overwhelming and stressful. By learning to be more open to change, you’ll be better equipped to cope with various types of changes at work. Then, you’ll be able to react positively by helping yourself and others make the most of the new possibilities and grow both personally and professionally.
Assess the possible outcomes for scenarios so you’ll be prepared. When an important decision, event, or project is coming up at work, try to assess what all the possible outcomes may be rather than just the most likely or desirable. While you may not foresee the actual outcome all the time, in many cases, you’ll be about to prepare yourself for the type of change that ends up happening, which will make it easier for you to cope.
Consider the opportunities that can come with change. When something changes suddenly at work, it’s likely that you’ll feel nervous and overwhelmed about the uncertainty that comes with change. Rather than focus on what you don’t know or what could go wrong, try to focus on what opportunities may come with the change.
Learn new skills that may help you cope with changes at work. Whenever possible, try to anticipate what changes may be coming and take the initiative to learn any relevant skills that may make your transition easier when changes are made. While you may not always be able to prepare, you’ll likely be able to anticipate what you may need to know based on changes occurring in other departments or at other companies.
Accept that you’re going to make mistakes when change occurs. While it’s understandable that you may strive for perfection at work, doing so can make you more afraid of making mistakes. If you accept that you’re inevitably going to make mistakes, changes will be a lot easier to cope with if you’re willing to try new ways of doing things without the fear of failing.
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