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Travelers Beware: You Can Get Arrested In This Country For Not Wearing Underwear, Check It Out

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Sept. 25, 2020

Many countries and regions in the world have many laws that guides and regulates her citizens. Although, some laws are sometimes considered extreme by human rights activist but most are accepted by the citizens and human right activists.
I just came across a law that seemed very funny but in true sense it's very much in practice in this country.
Photo Used For Illustrative Purposes
There are 12 laws in Thailand that regulates the movements of tourists and travelers in the country and among this laws is a very interesting and intriguing law. This law states that it's illegal to go out in public without underwear In Thailand.
Photo: Screenshot of The Thai Underwear Law
Even though no one has violated this law till now but anyone that does is liable to be arrested by the law enforcement agencies. This law is mostly for people visiting the country newly because I believe the citizens are already accustomed to it.
So think I should bring this to the notice of every traveler. Beware so that you don't get arrested in Thailand for not wearing underwear.
The funny question is how will the authorities know when a traveled isn't wearing an underwear?
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