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8 Things You Do That Turn Him Off While Having S3x!

Aba Brew

Sept. 30, 2020

Are you unknowingly turning him off while having s3x? Read these 8 things that turn him off to see if you’re doing something he doesn’t want you to do.
#1 Foreplay expectations. It’s natural that a girl expects foreplay in bed. It’s even acceptable if you expect him to indulge in foreplay before he gets on top of you. But are you the kind of girl who expects him to go down on you each time for a good half an hour and still spend a while teasing you and running his hands all over you?
Nagging your partner constantly to indulge in excessive foreplay could scare him, or make him think twice before he even tries to sneak in a quickie with you ever again.
#2 Dirty interrogations. Do you dirty talk with your partner in bed? Does he talk about his dark fantasies while having s3x with you? You need to remember that dirty talking is just that, and not something you need to take seriously or feel threatened by.
#3 A wannabe p0rn star. Guys hate girls who try too hard in bed, or try to display a fake sense of confidence when they’re clearly clumsy and inexperienced. Trying to dominate a guy in bed or take control is good, but don’t overdo the p0rn star act all the time, or you’ll kill the mood.
#4 The loss of erection. If a guy loses an erection in the middle of s3x, believe me, he’s extremely annoyed with himself already. Don’t make it ten times worse for him by getting irritated, or by making this about you!
#5 Bored s3x. This is a big turn off for any guy who’s in a relationship with a girl. If you’re not in the mood, just say it! Don’t pretend like things are dandy, get into bed and have s3x with your guy, and appear bored and dispassionate like you’re getting nothing out of it.
#6 No touching! Every guy loves a girl who is confident in bed. And you need to remember that confidence in bed doesn’t always depend on how good you look naked. If your boyfriend moves his hand on a particular part of your body, do you stop his hands and push it away often?
You may think it’s no big deal, but each time you do that, your boyfriend would feel just a little more turned off by your behavior. Remember, your guy loves you for who you are. But each time you bring your insecurities into bed, you’re killing the pleasure passionate s3x can give you.
#7 Chore s3x. “I’m ovulating today, let’s have s3x!” S3x should never feel like a chore. The very day s3x starts to feel like a chore is when the sexual side of the relationship starts to go downhill. If you really want to get your guy to have s3x with you for any reason at all, tease him into it instead of forcing the idea down his throat. No guy likes being forced into having s3x because guys usually choke under pressure. And the whole experience just makes him feel used!
#8 Obviously fake orgasms. Guys hate it when a girl fakes an obvious orgasm, and then goes on to repeatedly tell the guy just how awesome the s3x was. It makes a guy feel stupid, and it also makes him wonder whether you’re pulling his leg or just assuming he’s plain dumb! Either ways, it’s not going to leave him happy.
It’s easy to please a man in bed. S3x can’t get easier than that!
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