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How To Make S3x Pleasurable No Matter How Huge Your Man's P3nis Is

theodora yemodd

Sept. 30, 2020

Prepare With Foreplay
If you already involve in foreplay before you have s3x, double up on it. The more time that is spent on you and your desire, the more aroused you’ll be, and the more your body will be ready to brave his beautiful p3nis. Even if wetness isn’t your issue, adding additional lubrication to the action for more comfort never hurts.
Assume the Position
These will prevent him from hitting your cervix, which may be what’s causing you pain. The closer your legs are to each other, the less likely he’ll go too deep. S3x is supposed to be fun and pleasurable for all people involved, so you should never have to brace yourself to just "take it." Speak up, spend more time on foreplay, and work those positions.
Keep A Lubricant At Your Bedside
Looking into a lubricant that is hypoallergenic and natural, or with as few artificial ingredients as possible. This helps lessen friction. Make sure it's not petroleum-based, which can degrade the latex in your partner's condom and possibly put you at risk of infection or pregnancy.
Stick To Positions That Put You In Charge
The positions that work the best are the ones where the woman can be on top and control the action. The woman on top facing towards her man seems to be one of the best because she can control how much or how little of his p3nis she is ready to take inside.
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