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All Access Box Is Filled With Cute Accessories To Celebrate 'The Album'

Keef jomo

Oct. 01, 2020

BLINKs, I know you're already on high alert in eager anticipation of BLACKPINK's studio album, The Album , but there's another drop you'll want to add to your must-buy list: BLACKPINK's VIP / All Access Box . Dropping on Sunday, Oct. 4, at both Amazon and Target, the deluxe fan box is filled with collectible accessories for both loyal and new BLINKs alike. This drop comes hot off the heels of other successful launches from the BLACKPINK ladies, like their Jazwares toy line.
The BLACKPINK VIP / All Access Box, which, in and of itself, acts as a truly adorable, hot-pink purse and a nod to Squared Up , houses over 10 items, including the following: a replica of Lisa’s glasses from the “Kill This Love” music video; nail art and sticker sheets; polaroids of Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa; a keychain; a lanyard; glitter hair accessories; and a phone stand. How you like that?! The correct answer is a lot.
BLACKPINK is the gift that keeps on giving. In addition to a whole freaking deluxe fan box, the group has partnered with Spotify to bring fans a whooooooooole lot of content to eat up, the first being a monster playlist you'll play on repeat.
Set your alarm for Oct. 4 and head to Amazon or Target to grab your box.
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