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Emmerdale fans spot big blunder with face masks

Tomy Clive

Oct. 01, 2020

Several characters wore masks on tonight's show, but not all followed the rules
Emmerdale characters were spotted wearing face masks in various locations tonight, but some viewers spotted a problem with how they were wearing them.
Tonight saw Nate wear a face mask, but he took it off as he came inside, which is against the advice.
Liv then wore a mask in the café, but she also took it off to shout at Vinny about standing her up.
Then Mandy came into the café, also wearing a mask and she correctly kept it on in accordance with government guidelines.
Under current rules people should wear face masks in many indoor spaces, including in pubs, restaurants and cafes unless they are sat at a table eating and drinking.
Viewers were quick to pick up on the characters mask wearing - with fans particularly loving Mandy's leopard print mask.
Garry Enfield said: "Tut tut Nate, keep your mask on."
Matthew Chapman said: "Nate, Your'e supposed to keep the mask on."
Scott Elliott said: "I’m confused The cafe in Emmerdale face mask on, face mask off, face mask on, face mask half off, are they meant to be on or off or does it matter? I know it’s filmed at different times but at least be consistent - it makes a joke out of wearing them."
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Sal said: "Of course Mandy has a leopard print mask. Of COURSE she does!"
And Nix said: "Of course Mandy’s mask is leopard print."
*Emmerdale continues at 7pm on ITV tomorrow
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